Cushing’s syndrome (meaning it is caused by your body producing more cortisol than it needs, and NOT as a side effect of steroid treatments.) The safety and efficacy of COR-003 for treatment of endogenous Cushing’s syndrome have not been established. If you are newly diagnosed or have failed previous treatment, this clinical trial may be for you.

Summary: This study is open-label. This means that both the health care providers and the study participants are aware of the treatment being given. In this study, everyone will receive the investigational drug COR-003 for the duration of the study.
Diagnosis and Main Criteria for Study: The study is for adults (18 years or older) with a diagnosis of endogenous Cushing’s syndrome confirmed by your doctor. A doctor participating in the study can talk to you about whether or not you are eligible. If you would like to be considered for the study please scroll down to complete the pre-screening questionnaire.
Duration of Treatment: Eligible participants will start taking doses of COR-003 by mouth in tablet form. Your doctor will increase the dose slowly and see how well you respond. Once your doctor determines that you have responded, then you will take that dose for 6 months. You will then continue in the study for an additional 6 months at the same dose or a dose determined by the study doctor. In total, participants can expect to be followed for over a year.
Who is Eligible? Participating study centers are located across the country.  Please contact us at 877-547-8839 for the trial nearest to you.
Trial Site Locations: To see if you maybe eligible to participate in this trial please click on the link below and complete the pre-screening questionnaire.  You will immediately be notified of your eligibility.  If eligible to move to the next phase of screening, one of our call center operators will be calling you to conduct a more in-depth phone interview.
Where Can I Get More Information? Please contact us at 877-547-8839.
Qualification To see if you qualify to participate in this trial call us today toll-free at 877-547-8839. We look forward to speaking with you.