Clinical Research Study for Individuals Prone To Motion Sickness

Purpose: The primary objective of this clinical trial is to test a low-does, nasel gel formulation of Scopolamine to determine if it works faster and with less side-effects to prevent motion sickness than the current standard of care which is the Scopolamine patch.
Summary Motion sickness is a common problem in people traveling by car, train, airplanes, and especially boats. Anyone can get it, but it is more common in children, pregnant women, and people taking certain medicines. Motion sickness can start suddenly, with a queasy feeling and cold sweats. It can then lead to dizziness and nausea and vomiting.
Diagnosis and Main Criteria
for Study This clinical trial is for individuals who are at least minimally susceptible to motion sickness.
Location in Dana Point – For more information and to see if you qualify to participate in this trial please call us today 877-547-8839