Janssen & Intrexon Collaborate Against Type 2 Diabetes

Using ActoBiotics to Further Clinical Research of T2D

Intrexon Corporation and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV have entered into a research collaboration agreement in order to treat Type 2 diabetes (T2D). By discovering and further developing ActoBiotics® therapies, obesity and/or metabolic disorders related to dysregulation can also be targeted.

Samuel Broder, M.D., SVP and Head of Intrexon’s Health said, “We believe this collaboration will make a significant contribution to this substantial global health issue. The breadth of opportunity to treat an array of diseases with our versatile ActoBiotics® technology continues to expand.”

ActoBiotics® platform

Intrexon’s ActoBiotics® platform, influenced by Janssen, is an oral delivery system that will focus on not just one aspect of Type 2 diabetes, but multiple aspects through a single pill. Food-grade microbes, Lactococcus lactic, have been engineered to hold the drugs within the pill. Upon digestion, the pill will deliver proteins and peptides to the oral and gastrointestinal tract. A long term goal is to improve efficacy in regulating glycemic control.

The platform will also be utilized by the research group on not only diabetes treatment, but prevention as well. By gaining a deep knowledge of certain effectors of the disease, the researchers hope to use the data obtained in order to progress into full stage T2D.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 387 million people worldwide and costs over $376 billion to treat. The dysregulation of blood sugars levels leads to the chronic syndrome. Currently, most treatments only target specific parts of the disease, while sometimes leaving other complications to arise.

Gastroparesis affects people with Type 2 diabetes, in which the stomach shows delayed gastric emptying and takes too long to empty contents of the oral and gastrointestinal tract. The pill provides the proteins and peptides to break down such contents, lessening the chances of gastroparesis in both T1D and T2D patients.

Collaboration Means Future for Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Research Trials

Clinical research trials allow for a variety of approaches to combating a disease. Collaboration between companies strengthens the resolve for finding a cure, as does patient participation in getting such cures approved. With the collaboration between Intrexon and Janssen, there are likely to be further clinical research trials looking into this drug and its potential applications. If you would like to stay at the forefront of the medicine looking into combating type 2 diabetes, sign up to become a patient with Clinical Trial Spotlight. We’ll keep you up to date on all patient recruitment studies as they develop. Contact us today if you have any further questions!